How To Take Professional Pictures as Interior Photography

How to take professional pictures

Hello, everyone Ben and Scott here from Kraftives. We have got some tips for you, and we are talking shooting interiors.
These are some tips to take professional pictures as Interior Photography to help you along the way.

If you’re shooting interiors whether it’s lifestyle real estate or something in between here are a few quick guidelines to help you achieve the look you want. Our style leans more towards the natural lifestyle look. So feel free to change or completely disregard any of these tips to better match your style. Feel free to throw some shade in the comment section below.


Tips 1: Height and Perspective

Shoot from the hip shooting around waist height with a neutral perspective meaning your camera is level and pointed straight forward. Keep the flush and will accurately capture the environment you are. Interiors have lots of line from floors and ceilings to doorways and furniture. We recommend using a tripod to keep everything level in perspective even.


Tips 2: Composition Photos of houses

Most interior shoots will probably feature furniture over people. So decide what your subject is and compose your shot accordingly. Don’t be afraid to move things around to get the shot you want. For instance, most people probably have soap by the sink, but it doesn’t always make for a pleasant photo. Try adding blankets books and plants to give your room some company. Make sure it makes sense for your shot.


Tips 3: Lenses for taking good pictures

You’ll likely want a variety of lenses to capture both details and overall vibe. On a full-frame camera, we like shooting with a 24 or 35 millimetre because they’re full enough to get most of what we want in the shop without being too broad and distorting the perspective. Try a 60 millimetre for some more details and lifestyle shop. In certain types of photography like real estate, your client may want a broader perspective to show off more of the room and make it look larger so as always use your best judgment.


Tips 4: How to take nice pictures with Good Lighting

For natural light shoot during the brighter time today like 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. so clean the neutral looks. Yukine’s LED panels to fill in shadows but if you don’t have any of those use a reflector to bounce some lights your scene. The other thing we like to do is turn off interior light. Most interior lights are tungsten so having to compete in colour temperatures is my deal. If the lighting fixtures or features you need to highlight however you may want to keep them on and adjust the temperature in post-production.


Tips 5: Aperture

Try shooting with a higher aperture. Somewhere between 5 points 6 and one will keep the majority of your shot in focus. You can get a softer vibe by shooting more wide open like 1.2 to 4.5. So determine to look you are and set your aperture accordingly. I got some tips to set aperture from this video.

Summary for the best way to take pictures

  • Shoot from waist height with the neutral perspective.
  • Select your subject
  • Use a wide-angle lens
  • Utilize natural light
  • Shoot with a higher aperture

We hope you guys enjoyed that tutorial in the comment section below let us know what you want to learn next. Thanks.

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